I’m a laid back, creative, outdoorsy type of gal. I like to think of myself as a bit of a dreamer, and with a little encouragement from my husband, I’ll give anything a go. I’m a homebody, but I also NEED adventure. I love to get up, grab a coffee and explore. I’ll take a quiet mountain picnic in the back country any day, the kind with no cellphone service, rugged surrounding landscapes and a campfire. It fuels my soul, my creativity and fills my life with the kind of happiness that I just can’t explain. That’s how photography makes me feel. The real. The raw. The emotion. When I’m shooting, the hopeless romantic in me takes hold, and I find myself completely lost in the moment. And yes, I’m that photographer. The one who cries at Every. Single. Wedding.

I can’t help it. Two people in love, seriously. It just gets me every time.

My husband will be the first one to tell you just how much this job means to me. I genuinely enjoy working hard, (got that from my Mama) and that’s ironic, because I can hardly call this job ‘work’. Collecting moments through a lens is something I’ll never stop doing, because I love doing it.

And that’s where you come in. Whether you’re looking to elope, throw a surprise wedding, get married on a mountain top, exchange vows at first light, say I do and dance the night away – I’m your person. Let’s throw caution to the wind, and run wild. Let’s capture the connection, the real love, and your true story.

Let’s go.